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Digital Business Card

Present the best you in a beautiful Digital Business Card

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Have you ever looked at a business card 2 weeks after you received it and thought “who on earth is this?” The Digital Business Card takes the guess work out of it as it contains a photo  and any info you would like business associates to know about you.

The Digital ID offers a wide range of features with Beautiful Design & Great Functionality.


Upload a photo that portrays who you are or what you do.

Digital ID features

In a Nutshell – A short description about you or your occupation. Message with Facebook Messenger – Send a message direct without having to locate on facebook. About Me – A longer description which can include as much business or personal information as you would like.

Social Media Icons

You can link any social media profiles to your Digital Business Card. It is quick and convenient for your new business contacts to link up with you.

Your Video Introduction

Video Intro – Introduce yourself or your business or product with a short video. A short selfie video can look relaxed and welcoming, but if you would like something more professional just contact us.

Client Reviews



I love to use the Digital Business Card with Fashionistas. When they are away and someone admires their outfit they don’t need to carry a pile of my business cards in their wallet they can just forward my Digital Business Card.

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