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How Early Should I Start Searching For A Wedding Gown?

Today we will look at when to start shopping for a wedding gown.

Many brides are looking to lose weight or just tone up a bit before the big day so often want to know how long they can leave it before buying their wedding down. On the other hand, many are excited and want to get started straight away.

Most wedding gowns take between 12 weeks and 26 weeks (even up to 12 months) to be manufactured if you buy from the retail Boutique in Australia. It varies a lot depending on the store, who their suppliers are and how much of a buffer zone they like to build into the timeframe. The best idea is to ring a couple of the stores you would like to visit and check with them what the timeframe for delivery is.

I would suggest you order your gown between 12 months and six months out from the wedding. This allows time for manufacturing, delivery and alterations but not much time for changes in weight.

Christmas and New Year can impact on the timeframe. Most gowns in Australia are manufactured in China and the Chinese factories close for most of February for Chinese New Year. Many Australian wholesalers close for at least 2 weeks over Christmas and New Year. These holidays need to be taken into account as they will add to the delivery time of your gown.

Ordering a gown too early means there is more time for weight fluctuation. While many brides want to lose weight, it doesn’t always happen, and some brides gain weight. If you are planning to lose weight start making small changes straight away.

If it’s closer than six months to the wedding you are limiting your choices. You will need to purchase off the rack, from a label that can deliver in 12 weeks or pay extra to have your gown express delivered.

The time needed for alterations to be done once the gown arrives depends on what needs doing so you don’t want it arriving to close to the wedding. If it needs major alterations or you want custom changes made to it to make it your own design you will need to allow longer.

Despite all the above, there are plenty of amazing gowns out there that can be bought straight off the rack. The advantage of buying off the rack is you can try the gown on in the available size and know immediately what alterations will be required. The boutique stylist can often give you an idea of how much the alterations may cost.

At Lasting Impressions our alterations are done in-house by one of our experienced tailoresses. Our stylists are all experienced in alterations so can give you an idea of what needs to be done to custom fit your gown.